Last Updated: 01/01/2017

The Craft Sessions

We meet for these on the 2nd Monday of each month, starting 11am at the Golden Bowler Stubbington Lane. Dates are as follows:-

Monday 12 November 2018 with Rachel
Monday 10 December 2018 Christmas table decoration

Do give Ruth a call on 07817 358672 if you would like to attend. Ruth won’t be available for May 2018 or June 2018 so Mave is covering for her. Give her a call on 07789 511124 if you want to attend either the May or June 2018 craft sessions.

Kate hard at work
Kate looks busy, I wonder what Simon will be getting?

Look at the diary to see when the next craft session is scheduled and what we will be doing.

Mave finding her inner artist
Mave finding her inner artist.

The classes are held in the confrence room as you enter the pub from the front.

Rachel checking out who needs a hand
Rachel checking out who needs a hand.

Different classes are held each month, from painting to pottery. Do check out the diary to see if you can spot something that interests you. The lessons are fun, a great way to unwind and have a natter.

Who is Penny making a Christmas card for?
Who is Penny making a Christmas card for?.
Different class and photos kindly sent in by Julie

Tina all stuck up
What's Tina got stuck to now?.