The Chair Physio and Massage group
meet every other Thursday at 10:30
at the Parish Centre Alverstoke, Gosport, PO12 2ET.

Sandra Mowatt (Neuro Physio)
The sessions are led by Sandra Mowatt (Neuro Physio)

There is now much greater recognition of being active. Moderate and appropriate activity can benefit people with MS.

Marion Physiotherapist.
Marion as a physiotherapist can stretch stiff muscles.

Exercise and activity will help individual muscles work more efficiently and groups of muscles work better together.

Audrey masseuse.
Audrey as a masseuse can loosen tight muscles.

Being active cannot alter the MS damage to the nerve supplying muscles but exercising and being active can help prevent a secondary problem with muscles - muscle weakness that comes about from being inactive.

Sue having her muscles loosened by Marion during a physio session.
Sue having her muscles loosened by Marion during a physio session.

Weakened bones, including osteoporosis, may be a risk for people with MS who do not get much exercise or have taken long courses of steroids. Gentle activity strengthens the bones and can help prevent these problems developing.

Penny having her feet massaged by Audrey
Penny having her feet massaged by Audrey.

Passive stretching and range-of-motion can help with muscle stiffness. In particular, they can prevent joints from ‘locking up’ and muscles from becoming painful and deconditioned through lack of use. If passive stretching and range-of-motion exercises are helpful, your family and carers might be able to assist you with this in between physiotherapy sessions

Following all your hard work join us in a delicious home cooked 2 course lunch lovingly prepared by Juliette. A charge of £3.50 is asked for the meal.

Perhaps it is best summed up in a letter we received from a member:

"I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how beneficial I have found the group Physio and massage sessions both in physical well being and also the social aspect that has developed".