Group Volunteers

Below is a list of all the Group Volunteers, To contact them Please use the Form on the Contact Us page Here. Thank You.

Graham Hewitt   George McAleese
Graham Hewitt - President
  George McAleese - Group Co-Ordinator
Mave Hiseman   John Habberley
Mave Hiseman - Administration Volunteer
  John Habberley - Finance Volunteer
Sian Barker   Juliette Hewitt
Sian Barker - Event Volunteer
  Juliette Hewitt - Lead Support Volunteer
Steve Irving  
Steve Irving - Fundraising Volunteer
Jim Cummins   Ros Arrowsmith
Jim Cummins - Health & Safety Volunteer
  Ros Arrowsmith - Activities Volunteer
Joanne Bardall   nopic
Joanne Bardall - Communication Volunteer
  Yvonne Florry - Activities Volunteer
Ann Herridge   Julie Hawksworth
Ann Herridge - Activities Volunteer
  Julie Hawksworth - Support Volunteer