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Research Matters, Dr Sorrel Bickley(Head of Biomedical Research at the Multiple Sclerosis Society) will talk on recent research findings in MS research, priorities and current hypotheses. The talk will last approx 45 minutes followed by time for questions. This is an excellent opportunity to hear directly about new research. It promises to be a very interesting evening. Friday 29 March at 7pm, doors opening at 6:30 at Crofton Community Centre, Stubbington. Its free but please sign up by purchasing your ticket

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The Group’s Fundraising challenge in 2019 is a skydive. It is to take place on Friday 19 July with goskydive.com. If you, a family member or a friend would like to take part or you would like more information email the team or George McAleese.

Steve has a flag collection on Saturday 22 February 2019 at Tesco, Grange Road. Can you lend a hand for an hour? If so please do contact Steve by phone on 07976 054003. Thank you.

Join Gosport Community Lottery, support Gosport MS, by calling 02393 190222. You can join online here

What we are

The Gosport & Fareham Group is one of a network of groups throughout the United Kingdom who give practical help, professional information and support to anyone affected by MS.

We welcome anyone affected by MS to join us in any of our many activities.

You can contact the group directly using the team email.

We believe that it's important for people affected by MS to not become isolated, so we are really an MS Social Club as well as a mine of information. Check out our leaflet which summarises some of what's available.

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Help and Advice

Juliette Hewitt our secretary and support officer can be contacted on 02392 581406 or through the contact page on this site. She has been a major part of the local branch for many years and is a mine of information on all matters related to coping with MS.

We also have a lovely lady called Julie Hawksworth who is part of the branch's Welfare Team. She has MS herself and is a qualified psychiatric nurse and bereavement counsellor. She is happy to be a listening ear and is available to talk, give advice or have a natter almost all the time. Contact her on home: 01329 510819, mobile: 07812 997178 or through the contact page on this site.

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